JEMCO Farms & Factories

JEMCO Farms - growing the finest New Zealand Oysters

JEMCO farms are located in the North Island - New Zealand's premium quality oyster growing area.

JEMCO's farms are wide ranging in location, from the Northern most harbours to farms in New Zealand's beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, east of Auckland.

This enables JEMCO to process oysters continually during the peak season (from June to December), without any stoppages due to rainfall or any other natural events. JEMCO has the ability to process only the finest oysters, carefully selected from where oysters are at their optimum condition.

JEMCO Factories

The two factories owned and operated by JEMCO members are all specifically designed for processing pacific oysters either as live, fresh chilled or frozen.

The JEMCO factories are located near the key growing areas, facilitating smooth transfer of product from farms to a finished product in the shortest possible time.

Over many years specific systems have been developed to ensure our product's superior and natural quality is retained during the processing.

As such JEMCO oysters are recognised in the world's leading markets for their consistently superior quality.

Jemco Oyster